Commando Assault

In the Commando Assault flash game you are part of an army and the only thing you need to do is destroy the enemy base. Luckily, you have some allies which are happy to help.

The controls are pretty simple: you can move around with the WASD keys, switch between weapons with the Q and E key or with the numerical keys, you have to press space if you want to call in the troops and double tapping the S key will make the soldier jump down. When an enemy gets behind you, you should use your mouse and aim your weapon in that direction. The left mouse button is used for shooting and you can also use the scroll button for changing your weapon. Your health bar is displayed on top of the screen, so make sure to return to base for a refill if you are close to dying. On the bottom side of the screen, you will see the available troops you can call in. If you have enough points, you will eventually get help from tanks, airplanes and bombers. Destroying an enemy base in Commando Assault is quite complicated. The opposing forces will throw everything they have at you, including a hero who has massive amounts of health and firepower.

Commando Assault is one of the more exciting war games around, but finishing it is quite complicated. The troops will only get more powerful as you advance, so you have to take your time if you really want to reach the final level.